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Chris Maloney Crop Insurance Services a Service of American AgCredit may be the largest crop insurance agency in the North Coast, but they provide a level of personalized service and care rarely seen in the insurance business. 

Unlike many crop insurance agencies, CMCIS is not a mail-order insurance writer. Instead, a CMCIS agent will travel to the client, working directly with them to initiate or renew insurance policies and keep all records up-to-date.  

We will personally walk you through all applications and paperwork in an effort to make sure the insurance policies are correct and complete.

Depending on crop and coverage needs, policies may need to be adjusted each year—a sometimes confusing process.  The agents at CMCIS will evaluate each policy with their clients, providing information to help clarify insurance options in order to select a plan that will best fit a grower’s needs.

If you are not familiar with our agency and your first contact with us is online, please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.


Crop insurance provides the protection you need against unexpected losses from a multitude of unavoidable natural events.

Our personalized service and outstanding attention to detail set CMCIS apart from other crop insurance agencies